How to Rig a slip sinker rig for walleye fishing

The slip sinker is used with the slip sinker rig to troll bait slowly across the bottom, primarily for walleye fishing, but also it will catch catfish and other bottom-dwelling species. If you want to find out how to rig the slip sinker rig, watch and learn from Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV.

The slip sinker rig (also called the "walking sinker rig") is designed to slowly crawl live bait along breaklines, rock reefs, humps or other fish-holding bottom structure. Here's how to tie a slip sinker rig.

- Pass the line through the wire loop or hole in the slip sinker, and slide the sinker up the line.

- Tie a small barrel swivel to the end of the line.

- Tie a 3-foot monofilament leader to the other end of the barrel swivel.

- Tie on a small baitholder hook on the end of the leader.

- Bait up, lower or cast the line so the sinker hits bottom, and start the trolling run or retrieve.

Rig a slip sinker rig for walleye fishing

Rig a slip sinker rig for walleye fishing Click through to watch this video on

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