How To: Fish for bass using the flicker shad bait

Fish for bass using the flicker shad bait

Big surprises come in little packages, and that's certainly the case with this flicker shad bait. This flicker shad has been proven to attract bass or any fish that feeds on shad, so if you want to learn more, watch as Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV shows you how to fish a flicker shad.

It's called "Flicker Shad," and it was designed and marketed by Berkley as a trolling lure. However, casting anglers are also discovering that this small diving lure has a size and action that bass and other predator species love.

Specifically, the Flicker Shad has a "flicker" action that imitates fleeing baitfish. It rolls, surges and pitches to mimic real shad evading an attack. The Flicker Shad has a weight transfer design that allows for long casts. It is an efficient diver. The 3/16-ounce model dives to 9-11 feet when cast on 10-pound test monofilament line. This bait features an internal sound chamber with glass beads and needle-sharp Mustad Ultra Point hooks.

One other point: each Berkley Flicker Shad comes tank-tested for proper action and tracking. It will run true straight from the factory. Here are other tips for trolling and/or casting for bass and other species with Berkley's Flicker Shad.

- Best tackle for casting is a long medium-action spinning rod and 6- to 10-pound test fluorocarbon.

- Best tackle for trolling is lead-core trolling line and a line counter reel. Precise trolling depths can be obtained with this combination.

- The Flicker Shad comes in a package that includes Precision Trolling dive curves for determining depths when casting and/or trolling.

- Experiment with different colors to see which the fish prefer on any given day. (The Flicker Shad comes in 12 popular colors.)

- When trolling, adjust boat speed and length of line to troll barely above bottom in prime strike zone along river channel ledges, points, sunken islands and other prime sub-surface structure.

Fish for bass using the flicker shad bait

Fish for bass using the flicker shad bait Click through to watch this video on

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