How To: Bait a Hook with Catfish Punch Bait

Bait a Hook with Catfish Punch Bait

There are many different types of prepared catfish baits for catching channel and blue catfish. These baits are often referred to as "stink baits", but while they might smell quite foul to some anglers, the smell really attracts catfish.

Stink bait is a very broad term and there are several different types of these prepared baits with the most popular forms being dip baits, punch baits and sponge baits. The names of these baits has much to do with the texture and consistency of them, how the hook is baited, and the type of hook or "lure" that you use for fishing with them.

Punch baits are the thickest of these three different types of baits and have gained a huge following over the past ten years. Punch baits are very thick and packed with fibrous material, which makes them much easier to bait a hook with and keep them on the hook.

Unlike dip baits, which require the use of a dip tube, or worm or sponge baits that require the use of a sponge hooks, punch baits are fished with a plain treble hook and don't require the addition of any springs, sponges or other implements to hold them on the hook when catfishing.

How to Bait a Hook with Catfish Punch Baits

Step 1 Choose Your Preferred Catfish Rig

There are many different catfish rigs that can be used for fishing with punch baits, but most anglers use these baits to target channel catfish, so they prefer to use a slip bobber rig or a slip sinker rig. Regardless of what your preferred catfish rigs are, the process of baiting the hook is the same.

Step 2 Lay the Hook on the Top of the Bait

Lay the treble hook on the top of the punch bait and get ready to bait the hook.

Step 3 Punch the Hook

Using a long stick, like a paint stirrer or even a screwdriver. Push the hook down into the bait with your stick. This is called "punching the hook".

Step 4 Smooth It Over

With the hook still inserted into to the bait, take the stick and smooth the bait over the top of the hook really well.

Step 5 Remove the Hook

Grab the fishing line with your hand and pull the fishing line up and at an angle to remove the hook from the bait. The hook should come out loaded with bait. If it doesn't, repeat the process again until you have plenty of bait on the hook. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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