Forum Thread: How to Catch Catfish in River from Bank with Bluegill

Catfish are one of my favorite freshwater fish to catch. Pound for pound they can be one of the strongest fighting fish. However, a lot of people don't know how to target them effectively. Read our guide below and you'll be catching huge flathead catfish in no time.1

Step 1: Pick Your Spot

You definitely won't catch any catfish if you are fishing in an area where they aren't at. Look for these common features that increase the likelihood of catfish being present.

-Find brush piles
-Find underwater logs
-Identify deep pools of water that have rapids running into it.

Step 2: Rig Your Bait

Our favorite catfish bait is live bluegill. However, you can get a catfish to hit on just about anything if it's hungry enought. We generally use bobbers with about a foot of line from bobber and hook. Now just let the current carry your bait down stream and wait for a strike. If you do this multiple times without much luck it's time to change locations and start again.

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