How To: Make catfish bait at home

Make catfish bait at home

Use this simple recipe to catch great catfish, and make it all from the comforts of your own home! First what you need is an old butter dish to mix in, as well as an old spoon. Cornmeal, flour, old cheese, kool-aid for flavor, garlic powder, tuna, and water are the simple ingredients you need for this wonderful recipe. Mix all of these ingredients together until the mixture is nice and thick. Next place the mix into the microwave and cook it for about one minute. After it is heated up, place it immediately in the freezer so that the mix will stay fresh until you are ready to go fishing!

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Have you used this bait with any degree of success?

I don't know, I usually prefer to get my fishing advice from an old man(as they are old and wise) or at least someone who's puberty.

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