How To: Rig a garfish for fishing swimming bait

Rig a garfish for fishing swimming bait

So, you've mastered the knot tying process for fishing, and you already know how to catch bait, so now what? You need to put that live bait to good use... this animated tutorial from Marinews will show you how to rig a garfish for fishing swimming bait. Catching bait might just be as hard as baiting fish, but it's all in good fun when you kick back with a brewsky in your hands. You can learn by simply watching the bait rigging animation at a moderate speed, or if need be, click on "learn by steps" to get step-by-step fish bait instructions to rig a garfish for fishing swimming bait. You just need some fishing bait, a line and a hook already knotted properly for your need.

Garfish trolled at or near the surface are called skip baits. Those under the surface, swim bait. To produce this swimming bait, you will need suitable leader material, a bean sinker, a length of light galvanized wire and maybe an awl, although not essential. The Garfish swim bait rig outlined above is actually prepared with a stinger. You'll note we have demonstrated a short length of wire trace that fits snuggly inside the bait (forming the stinger). The same rig can be prepared as in the skip garfish rig if so desired.

Bait presentation is sadly overlooked by too many fishermen. Today the lure making industry make a fortune out of lazy fishermen. Rigging baits in place of presenting a lure will, in most cases, out fish the lure.

A well rigged squid makes the very best flathead lure. Small well presented squid, worked as a lure, will catch more bream than lure or standard bait! In fact catch more fish than any lure or standard bait. Small baitfish too, like hardheads, herring, minnows, galaxids, gudgeons and smelt, can be rigged and presented in place of a lure. The first couple of tries may seem fiddly, however, once you set yourself with the right equipment and have some practice under your belt, you'll out fish everyone around you and never look back.

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