How to Fish a live bait rig for bottom-dwelling fish

If you want to learn a little bit about fishing, Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV is the perfect fisherman to learn from. In this video tutorial, Wade shows you the steps to fishing a live bait rig. Watch, learn, then try this live bait rig action on your next trip out on the lake.

The live bait rig is a stationary bottom-fishing rig that allows natural action from live bait. It can be used in ponds, lakes, rivers or streams and with light or heavy tackle. It is primarily used on catfish and walleye, though it will work on other species that hold and feed near bottom. Here's how to tie a live bait rig.

- Run a sliding egg sinker up the line. Size of the sinker depends on the following factors. The weight of tackle used, depth of the water and if fishing in a river or stream, the amount of current. The ideal weight is just enough to keep the bait anchored in place. Typical sizes used with this rig are ¼-3/4 ounce.

- Clamp a BB-size split shot sinker on the line below the sliding egg sinker and 18 inches from the end of the line. This prevents the egg sinker from sliding down to the hook.

- Tie a hook (No. 3 to 1/0 baitholder) to the end of the line.

- Bait with crawfish, minnow, leech, and proceed to fish.

Fish a live bait rig for bottom-dwelling fish

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