How To: Rig a saltwater fishing pole

Rig a saltwater fishing pole

Take your fishing line and run it through the guides on the fishing pole. Of course, for you beginners, start at the bottom as the line in on the reel and work up. While doing this, release your bail. After you have finished running the line, pull the bail back over. This keeps the line from running out. Now we are going to do a overhand loop by making a loop which doubles the line. Make an overhand knot, about 8 inches up from the lower loop. You will twist the loop and then run the double loop through the twisted line and pull at both ends to set the knot. Now you will go up another 8 inches and repeat that knot. Repeat a third time going up another 8 inches. You are now ready to put the weight through the bottom loop by pulling the loop through the hook and wrapping it around the sinker. Repeat this process with the other two loops, but this time place two fish hooks instead of the sinkers. You are now ready to go catch the big one.

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