How To: Use a spinning reel for sea fishing

Use a spinning reel for sea fishing

Mark The Shark is educating any outdoor enthusiast as to how to use his a spinning reel when fishing. After establishing a spinning reel is what you are using, it is best to adjust the tension of the line using the drag wheel. The drag wheel is a dial that can usually be found on the top of the reel, and it turns clockwise to increase tension and counterclockwise to decrease tension. Once the tension is adjusted properly for what you are fishing, it is time to cast. To begin, you should open up the bail on the reel (making it parallel to the rod). Then, hold the rod with your right hand, you should grab the line with your index finger, pulling it into the rod. After this, pull out a small amount of line to create slack for the cast; once you feel you've enough slack simply throw out your line for a cast. After following these steps you've successfully learned how to us a spinning reel! Reel it in and repeat as needed; be sure to catch a big one!

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