How To: Tie a Trilene knot

Tie a Trilene knot

The Trilene knot is a multi-purpose knot that can be used in fishing to attach hooks, swivels and lures. This is a great knot because it resists slips and failures.
In this tutorial, learn how to tie this great knot. So, get your hook and line ready and let's get fishing!
Step 1
Hold the hook in your left hand, and take the line in your right.
Thread it through the eye of the hook.

Step 2
Bring about five inches of line through the hook. Take the tag end of the line back through the eye of the hook just like you did the first time. The loop should now be doubled around the eye of the hook.

Step 3
Take the tag end and wrap it around the main line coming from your reel. Be sure to stay close to the double loop.

Step 4
Wrap this around 5 times tightly.

Step 5
Take the tag end of the line and bring it through the center loop. Pull firmly without stopping until it is firmly secured. You're all set!

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