How to Tie the slim beauty knot for fishing

The slim beauty knot is an excellent knot for attaching leaders to class tippet or leaders to the main line. Another good use is to attach a fluorocarbon or mono leader to braided line. 1. Tie a double overhand knot in end of leader. Pull knot semi-tight to form a figure eight. 2. Double 15-24" of main line and pass through top and bottom of figure eight. Warp four times down the leader and three times back again. Pass loop through first gap formed by the wraps. 3. Tighten down figure eight fishing knot in leader (pull 1). Then make a fast steady pull with the leader and the doubled main line (not the double loop) (pull 2). 4. Trim off loop and tag end of the double line. Hope this fishing knot instructional video helps you master the slim beauty knot!

Tie the slim beauty knot for fishing

Tie the slim beauty knot for fishing Click through to watch this video on

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