How to Tie the seaguar knot for fishing

Ever wonder how to tie the seaguar knot for fishing? Then stay tuned for this fishing knot tutorial video. The seaguar knot was introduced by the factory reps from fluorocarbon manufacturer Seaguar, this easy to tie and reliable fishing knot joins fluorocarbon leaders to monofilament line. 1. Make a loop in the line and in the leader and hold loops side by side. Note: line running from left is on top. 2. Insert index finger into loops and make 3 full counter clockwise twists. 3. Hold loops open and feed tag end of line & entire leader through loop, following finger out of loop. 4. Moisten lines and pull on all four ends to cinch the seaguar knot into a figure eight. Alternately pull ends and leader/line to tighten. Voila! You have just tied the seaguar fishing knot!

Tie the seaguar knot for fishing

Tie the seaguar knot for fishing Click through to watch this video on

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