How to Tie the Palomar fishing lure knot

The Palomar knot is a powerful fishing knot, used to secure fishing line to a fishing lure, snap or swivel. It's great for all kinds of light fishing lines, especially braid, which won't pull out of this knot. It's retains almost the full amount of original strength of the line. Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV will show you just how to tie the Palomar knot.

Over 95 percent in strength, the Palomar knot is good for lines up to and over 20-pound test. Because it's double-run through the lure or hook eye, knotted, and then looped over the hook or lure, it may tangle easier. But it's still a favorite knot of many anglers.

Tie the Palomar fishing lure knot

Tie the Palomar fishing lure knot Click through to watch this video on

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