How To: Tie an arbor knot for fishing

Tie an arbor knot for fishing

This video shows us how to tie an arbor knot for fishing. Here a blue rope is taken to explain how it is done but actually the fishing net is used to tie such knots. The rope is taken and is made a loop, and the line is made to pass through the loop to make the first knot which is actually a very basic knot. Then the rope along with the knot is wind around the reel and the line is made to pass through the knot which was previously done. But the line may come out of the knot so for that, another knot is made at the end of the line which was made to pass through the first knot. With this the line will not be coming out of the first knot and will be held firmly within the first knot. Then it is put over the reel and you cant just pull the rope to tighten it but instead you need to adjust to make sure it is held tightly against the reel. In this way you get to tie the arbor knot used for fishing.

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