How To: Throw a cast net for live bait

Throw a cast net for live bait

The best way to fish is with live bait, but buying bait can be expensive and it isn't always guaranteed fresh. Once you learn how to cast your own bait you will be able to catch large amounts of bait fish on your own, and cut out the middle man. Happy fishing!
Cast netting live bait is the most effective way to get the bait you need quickly and efficiently. Al discusses what makes a cast net work. All the characteristics of a quality cast net are reviewed so that you can decide what type of net would suit your particular needs.
Bait caught in a cast net are always healthy and lively. Al demonstrates his skills catching live bunker in the creeks and rivers around his homeport in Babylon, New York.
Boat handling and setting up for the throw is critical for success.
Of course the most important part of cast netting is being able to throw the net properly. Through a series of sharp, super slow-motion sequences, Al covers all aspects of loading and throwing a cast net. Every motion of the hands, legs and body is discussed and shown in slow motion. Viewing this video and practicing your throwing technique will have you opening that perfect bait catching circle every time.
Setting up to throw from a boat is quite different from practicing in your yard. Choosing the best position from which to work and preparing the net are most important.
When you have mastered the art of cast netting and have loaded up on bait, keeping them healthy and lively for the day is most important, so take precautions.

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