How To: Tandem rig a soft plastic bait

Tandem rig a soft plastic bait

If you need some help rigging a soft plastic fishing bait, this quick video can help. Use tandem rigging to get it done. The tandem rigging is liked when short strikes become an issue. As baits get increasingly longer, the second hook becomes increasingly important. Particularly recommend is tandem rigging on longer baits, such as 14" and 18" models.

And here it is step by step:

1. Insert the rear hook and pass all the way through the head and out into hook groove.
2. Pull hook so that 1" of line is passed through the head.
3. Insert the front hook into the center of the bait and pull back so that only the eye is protruding.
4. Insert the rear hook into the body of the lure, pushing the hook point through the special indentation to ensure proper hook placement.
5. Adjust hooks so that they are straight. Tandem rigs manufactured by Hogy Lure Co. are pre-measured and designed to fit the bait properly.

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