How To: Put a hook on a deep sea fishing pole

Put a hook on a deep sea fishing pole

In this tutorial from Mark the Shark, viewers are shown how to apply a hook to a fishing pole. One such method is using a Fishermen's knot, and wrapping the hook around the line eight times, and then wetting it with saliva, before it is tightened. Then, the user must make sure than the knot comes all the way down to the hook, to make sure it does not rotate. Next, pliers must be used to eliminate excessive line, and then the line must be searched for crinks, or any imperfections. Mark the Shark also provides an alternative method - the livebait knot - for securing the hook to the line. This entails wrapping the hook around the line 5 times, tightening it, and then trimming off the extra line. So, the viewer is provided with two different methods and tutorials on how to attach a hook to a line.

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