How to Do the dropper loop fishing knot

Learn how to tie the dropper loop fishing knot with this instructional video. The dropper loop fishing knot forms a loop anywhere on a line. Hooks or other tackle can then be attached to the loop. 1. Form a loop in the line at the desired location. Pull line from one side of loop down and pass it through and around that side of loop. Make 5+ wraps around the loop, keeping a thumb or forefinger in the new opening which is formed. 2. Push bottom of original loop up through new opening and hold with teeth. Wet knot with saliva and pull both ends in opposite directions. 3. Pull ends of line firmly until coils tighten and loop stand out from line. Congratulations! You have just tied the dropper loop fishing knot.

Do the dropper loop fishing knot

Do the dropper loop fishing knot Click through to watch this video on

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