How To: Catch fish using a limb line rig

Catch fish using a limb line rig

Limb lining is exactly what its name implies: You tie a line from a limb that overhangs the water, drop the line into the water, hook and bait on the end, and while you're home in bed… that limb is fishing for you.

Wade Bourne of MyOutdoorTV shows how to fish a limb line rig. A limb line is one of the simplest and most effective ways to fish for panfish and even catfish. Here is how to tie a limb line.

- Use stout white nylon twine or heavy braided fishing line (at least 50-pound test).

- Tie one end of the line to a live, springy limb or branch that overhangs water at least 3 feet deep.

- Cut the line so it will extend at least 2 feet into the water.

- Tie a stout baitholder hook to the end of the line. Clamp on enough split shot weight so the line hangs vertically in the water. In clear water tie a 2-way barrel swivel to the end of the main line. Then, tie a monofilament leader to the other end of the swivel. Finally, tie hook and sinker to the mono leader. This is less visible than the nylon cord or braid.

- Bait the hook with nightcrawlers, minnows, crickets or other live bait.

- Rig late in the afternoon, leave out all night, and run the lines early the next morning.

Catch fish using a limb line rig

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