How To: Catch and gut a fish in the wild

Catch and gut a fish in the wild

In order to catch and gut a fish, you will need the following: a fishing pole, bait, a knife, and

Begin by tossing bait into the water, in order to attract the fish to you. When a fish begins to tug on your line, slowly pull him in. Remove the hook from his mouth. Be careful. Bang the fish against a hard surface to kill it. Place the knife at the base of the tail. Run the knife up to his neck. When you reach in, you'll feel a cord. Pull it out. All of the guts will be attached.

You should check the stomach contents. This will tell you what the fish has been eating. This will tell you which bait you should use. Place the fish in water. Run your hand down the insides, in order to remove the blood. Rinse it well.

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