How To: Cast a fishing net

Cast a fishing net

If you have a fancy for the sea and fishing you may wish to watch this video to learn how to cast a fishing net. 1. Grab the main line of the nylon fishing net and put it on your wrist. 2. Wrap the excess line around your hand, until you reach the net. At this point grab the crown of the net and pull it up. 3. While doing so check the net for any tangles. 4. Pull up the net part by part and then use your other hand to grab the bottom part of the net. At this point throw the net over your shoulder by snatching it from the bottom sections. Then grasp it in your other hand and rock it back and forth until you throw it into the sea. 5. If you do this correctly the net should spread and cover a large area in the sea, ensuring a better and bigger catch of fish. Pull the net back towards you after some time by pulling at the rope and bringing it to land while shaking the water away from it. 6. Spread the net smoothly on the ground and check out that there are no tangles.

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